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DJECO - Cadomino

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A GAME OF OBSERVATION AND SPEED OBJECT: the mischievous animals have hidden the presents! Who will be the fastest to find them? The dominos are spread out loosely on the table. Each square of these dominos features an animal against a colored background. A “challenge” card is turned over, showing the players an animal A (starting point), a color (ending point) and the present to be found. Animal A is found on the dominoes. This animal is next to another animal B, which must then be found on another domino on the table… The animal B of the second domino is next to an animal C, and so on, until you reach a square with the color appearing on the “challenge” card: the gift is behind this square! The first player to find the right square wins the “challenge” card. +++ An observation game based on the domino principle.

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