S’well - Cleaning Brush
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S’well - Cleaning Brush

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When properly cared for, your S’well bottles can last for years. Our water bottle brush is the perfect accessory to help clean those hard to reach places. With its strong bristles, all you’ll need is a quick rinse and scrub with soapy water and you’ll be good to go. Its removable head can easily be pulled off from the top of the handle making it easy to replace when needed. Best of all, this water bottle scrubber doesn’t just work on our traditional stainless steel bottle, it can also adapt to a number of different sizes and containers as well. 

Whether you’re sipping coffee or ice-cold water, we make it easy to keep your bottle clean and smelling fresh with our water bottle scrubber. Its stylish and modern stand also fits perfectly on countertops or in cabinets, making it the perfect accessory for your kitchen. 


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