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Douglas - Zara Gray Silky Chick

Douglas - Zara Gray Silky Chick

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Zara the Gray Silkie Chick stuffed animal takes farmyard charm up a notch! Featuring a velvety soft beak and a fluffy coat of plush in cozy shades of gray, Zara makes for an appealing companion. Tiny wings and bright eyes will endear her to everyone lucky enough to encounter this delightful personality. Stuffed with quality polyester fill and the perfect size to snuggle into your palms, our sweet baby bird begs to be cuddled. With whimsical looks and a lovable design, Zara the plush Silkie Chick will add a dash of fun to anyone’s day! Look for Zara’s Silkie sister Mara and Mother Hen Serka, to complete the family!

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