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At This Very Moment - Matthew Hudson

At This Very Moment - Matthew Hudson

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At this very momentThere's a mouseTheres a small mouse waking up in the early morning sunAnd at this very momentTheres a whaleTheres a blue whale singing whale song, deep beneath the seaAs you sit and read this bookSomewhere theres a plumA plum so ripe a worm will comeAnd eat it for its teaAt This Very Moment is a beautifully poetic bedtime book for children ages 2 and up. Using simple but evocative language, it describes all the wonderful things that are going on around the world right now, this very second. In doing so, it asks the young reader to be present in this moment in time and to feel at one with the giant, magnificent organism that is our planet.In an entirely organic and unselfconscious way, this book encourages mindfulness and reflection as well as a sense of marvel at the world we live in.And at this very moment Somewhere theres a baby There are babies everywhere Drifting off to sleep

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