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Boats! (and Other Things That Float) - By Maria Brzozowska

Boats! (and Other Things That Float) - By Maria Brzozowska

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Take to the water with this fun, visual miscellany for children who love anything boat related!

“Boat fans will certainly enjoy this book, but the wealth of illustrations and facts means that this has something for almost everyone.”―Booklist

Each double page spread features a different group of boats and other watercraft to explore, such as helpful lifeboats, record-breaking catamarans and boats that people live on. Discover some of the more surprising things that float on water – including seaplanes and amphibious cars – as well as finding out how boats float.

Featuring hundreds of different boats, ships, subs, and other watercraft from around the world, including seafaring vehicles large and small, from towering cruise ships to tiny kayaks, fishing boats to submersibles.

Even the most avid young transport fanatic will discover new water vehicles they haven’t seen before!

Miscellany spreads include rowing boats, sailing ships, passenger ships and houseboats, speedy and record-breaking ships, working ships and boats for fun.

Scenes include a floating market, a lifeboat rescue, a fishing harbor, at the docks, and more.

Cutaway images include a sailing yacht, inside a ferry, and inside a submarine.



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