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Hedgehog’s Home For Summer - Elena Ulyeva + Daria Parkhaeva

Hedgehog’s Home For Summer - Elena Ulyeva + Daria Parkhaeva

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It’s finally summer, and curious Hedgehog is so happy to see a new seasonarrive! On a walk through the woods, he discovers that summer has brought something special for all of the inhabitants of the forest: the flowers have received the gift of the warm sun, which has helped them to open up; the beesand butterflies are delighted to have received flowers that produce the sweet nectar that the bugs eat; and there’s fresh green grass for the rabbits and warm water in the pond for the frogs. But Hedgehog wonders what his gift is! It seems as though everyone has received something special except him. Sadly, he sits down on a tree stump—and then suddenly, a shiny red apple falls at his feet. Hedgehog knows that the delicious apple is his gift from summer—and he hasn’t been forgotten after all. This delightful, engaging story introduces young readers to a host of animals and bugs that live in the forest and presents the exciting changes that happen in nature in summer. Back matter includes additional information about the summer months (June, July, August) and what happens during the summer.

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