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Just the Right Size - By Bonnie Grumman & Suzanne Diederen

Just the Right Size - By Bonnie Grumman & Suzanne Diederen

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Are you looking for brand new children's books about big and small? Bonnie Grubman's Just The Right Size is the perfect 2018 animal picture book. With characters that you just want to cuddle right off of the pages, learn Goldilocks-style what is big enough, small enough, and just right.” - The Uncorked Librarian

Did you know a ladybug is just the right size to land on the branch of a tree? That would be difficult for a giraffe. But then, a giraffe is just the right size to reach the highest branches. Did you know that a frog is small enough to perch on a lily pad? A hippopotamus is not (obviously), but he is big enough to scare even a crocodile away! In her latest picture book, Bonnie Grubman explores the basic concepts of big and small by putting all sorts of living creatures in odd oppositions. And you? What are YOU just the right size for?

A sweet picture book about being tall and being small. And about hugging! For everybody who loves a cuddle, ages 3 years and up

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