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Pajamarama Carnival - Michael Leblond & Frederique Bertrand

Pajamarama Carnival - Michael Leblond & Frederique Bertrand

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A totally original follow-along adventure tale that engages children with dazzling images that seem to come to life beneath the reader’s hand―thanks to a stripey screen included with every book

When you see the world in Pajamavision, everything looks extraordinary!

When a little boy puts on his pajamas and goes to bed, he falls into a fantastical carnival fairground full of glittering lights, sparkling stalls, and rip-roaring rides. Readers follow him around for a noisy night of fun and games.

Each copy of the book includes a stripey screen which, when laid on top of each page and moved slowly from side to side, shifts the multicolored images and makes the scene come to life as if by magic.

Illustrated in color throughout

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