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Who’s Home Is It? - By Radka Janská & Carmen Saldaña

Who’s Home Is It? - By Radka Janská & Carmen Saldaña

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A funny story about a snail trying to find his perfect home. Come explore this board book—with animals
hidden under every flap!

Most animals have a place they call home. But what do you do when you don’t have a clue where that place is?
This is exactly what happened to one helpless little snail who decided to find his perfect home. What do you think
it will look like? Will anyone take him in? The snail learns what kind of dwellings wasps build for themselves, what
it is like for the mole to live underground, and which animals build nests. And he finds that perhaps, while looking
for a house, he doesn’t have to look very far. Come join the snail on his adventure and learn about the homes
of different animals and what it is like to live in them.

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